Benefits of Living in Boarding House

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Lecture

Budiawan, Rahman. (2010). Benefits of Living in Boarding House among Students Agrotechnology UMY 2008.Paper. Yogyakarta. Muhammadiyah University.

This study aims to determine the benefits of living in a boarding house for students agroteknology of  Muhammadiyah University in academic year 2008. This research use qualitative research since the data of the research were in words, phrase and the sentences. This research was conducted by interview and literature study. This research was conducted at the Muhammadiyah University, Taman Tirto, Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta in October 2010. The results were obtained following results: There are two benefits of living in a boarding house for students: 1). Live more independently 2) Life is more responsible for themselves. There are also some positive impacts lived in boarding houses include: more independent, more free and more comfortable, multiply channel, rather free, clean and free to go home anytime. But there are also negative impacts are: Not free to bring a female friend, always short of money, and there is’ Also complained so far and tired cause his boarding house far from campus.


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